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The way you accomplish this is by switching to a high carb diet for 1-2 days. Because your glycogen levels will have been fully depleted there is absolutely no fat storage from 1-2 days of high carbs. In addition after this carb up you will likely be stronger and look better since your muscles will appear fuller. After 1-2 days of carbing up you want to switch back to low carbs and get the fat loss process started again.

These healthy foods are also harder to chew, which can give your brain the time it needs to realize that you are full. When you eat less at mealtimes, it is easier to keep the extra pounds off. In a study conducted in 2009 by the Appetite magazine researchers found that people who ate an apple for lunch typically consumed an average of 15 percent fewer calories during the meal. The fiber contained in an apple is not only beneficial to your overall health, it can also help you maintain your weight .

Weight-Loss Spas and Medical Weight Loss Renew Healthcare is a spa in Salem, Oregon, that offers medically supervised weight loss. The program includes supplements, appetite suppressants, and nutrition and exercise counseling. In the Portland area, Health Plus sets you up with a personalized exercise plan and healthy eating plan while providing weight-loss medications to boost results. If you are willing to travel, Lifestyle Fitness in Utah, Green Mountain in Vermont, Structure House in North Carolina and The Biggest Loser resorts around the country are weight-loss camps that have produced significant results.

Is a Food Combining Diet Just another Fad? A food combining diet is based upon the principle that the body digests foods more efficiently when food types are not mixed. Therefore, according to the theory, carbohydrates and proteins should not be mixed in the same meal, and fruits should always be eaten alone. These types of diet plans are believed to have two benefits, firstly weight loss, and secondly the easier digestion of food, which may certainly suit people with stomach complaints.

According to the American Dietetic Association), high-protein, low-carb diets have been more effective for weight loss than other low-calorie diets for the first six months of dieting; however, after a period of one year no significant differences are observed when comparing weight loss from low-carb diets vs. other reduced-calorie diets. An article in the August 2010 issue of the "Annals of Internal Medicine," reports on another study that had similar results when comparing individuals on a low-fat vs.

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